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Any of you who are parents will be fairly familiar with this cry during the school summer holidays. However this year it's not the children shouting it, it's me! I feel like I am drowning a slow death by admin this week.

Normally I like to balance my tasks and split them up to tackle when I'm in the correct mood. I'll have low and high concentration tasks and fun and dull (to me) tasks, tasks that are urgent and tasks that aren't. I don't know what I have done wrong this week but everything is falling into the urgent, high concentration and dull quadrant. That combined with the sun beating through the french doors is making me want to scream. So I am partially procrastinating writing this email as it is the only task for the day that I actually enjoy. All the rest is highly procedural but without it the wheels of the business grind to a halt and it's no more pretty crochet patterns for you lot!

I am sorry to moan because I know what a privilege it is to run a creative business and have any autonomy over how I work. But perhaps it is nice for you to hear that even "living the dream" has its downsides?

And if you are the parent of a kid screaming this and you think they might be persuaded to try their hand at one of your favourite hobbies then today's (Friday) daily deal might be just the thing to keep them busy!

Sale items for the week

We have a lovely selection of patterns half price this week.

Friday 18th The Learn to Crochet Project
Saturday 19th Pick & Mix
Sunday 20th Altair Shawl
Monday 21st Chunky Monkey Sweater
Tuesday 22nd The Shawl Project Book Four
Wednesday 23rd Easy Everyday Wearables
Thursday 24th Sloe Mitts
Friday 25th Log Off Shawl

You can always find the current deal here.

If you'd like daily reminders then you can sign up for that here.

If you are a Hub member then you can find your additional discount link in Hot off the Hook. Remember, it doesn't apply until checkout so you won't see the final price until just before you pay.

I have pretty much decided I won't run a sale in January so do make sure you grab the patterns you like now as it may be a long time until they are discounted again. Although Hub members always benefit from 40% off all books and patterns so that is a workaround, especially with the option of buying a one month pass - if you want two books, for instance, it's cheaper to buy a one month pass to the Hub and use the link to buy the books than it is just to buy the books. Same goes for a book and a couple of patterns. Plus you'll have access to loads of patterns and classes for a whole month!

Here's hoping you have a week full of interest and wonder and your admin load is minimal (unless you love that!)

Love Joanne x

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