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Going Mobile

Published 7 months ago • 2 min read


I've been waiting for what feels like forever to be able to take my classes and the Hub membership into an app so it works better on tablets and phones. I'm very aware that most crafting is best done away from a desk and so a great mobile experience will make it much easier for you to access the content and enjoy using it.

I host all of my video classes on a platform called Thinkific and they have had an app for a little while but I was hanging back from adopting it as I wanted to wait until they began to let people have their own branded apps in the same way that I am able to have my own branded learning site

They have finally released this feature. But I am not going to be using it. After waiting so patiently I realised it's not for me, not for us. The pricing structure, the fees and the long timeline to deployment are just all too much. So I have come back full circle and decided to go mobile through the Thinkific app. The only difference is you won't have a "The Crochet Project" app on your device, you'll have a "Thinkific" one and you won't be able to buy new classes on that app, you'll have to hop onto the website to do so and then they will appear immediately in the app.

I've had a good look through the app and the forums, classes, videos and tutorials all look great in there. I find it easier to navigate than the website.

Get yourself mobile

So! If you are a Hub member or you have ever bought a class and would like to get access to it on your phone or tablet, here is what you need to do:

If you are reading this on your phone or tablet then you can click this link or if you aren't you can scan the qr code on the right. Depending on your phone you may be taken straight to The Crochet Project school or you may have to search and select The Crochet Project. You'll be asked to log on, this will be the log in you normally use to access classes.

Once you've set yourself up you'll head to the Thinkific app for all your purchased memberships and classes.

Alternatively, if you are wary of links, you can go to the Apple or Google Play Store and search and download the Thinkific app and search for The Crochet Project within it once you've downloaded it.

Do let me know how you get on with the app and whether you like it or not.

Let's celebrate with a discount!

To celebrate the app launch, I'm offering 25% off any class, pass or membership - just use the code APP25 at checkout. This voucher runs until 23rd September (next Sunday) so don't delay.

So whether you fancy trying a month's pass to the Hub for £4.50 instead of £6 or signing up to a years rolling membership for just £41.25 instead of £55. Or maybe a class is more your taste: we'll have you jumpering for joy in Sweater School for £26.25, becoming your own designer for £37.50 in Crochet your Ideas, or learning Tunisian for just £11.25! Or, of course, our new sock class is available for £18.75!

The discount, once applied, will last for up to three months so you can pay in installments and get the full discount or if you choose a monthly subscription to the Hub you'll get the first 3 months at 25% off.

Until next week


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