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Aestival Festival

published9 months ago
2 min read


If it's not too personal a question, are your balls wound? 😂

Today is the day! The first clue of the Aestival Shawl Mystery Crochet-A-Long (MCAL) is live today.

I am so excited for the MCAL, it's the most detailed I've ever done with full video and written stitch descriptions for every stitch for right and left handed crocheters including a set-up video that takes you through those tricky first rows. If you've never joined in with an MCAL before this might be the perfect one.

If you are already signed up then you can find your first clue here. And if you are curious what we are up to or would like to sign up then you can find out here.

We've already been chatting yarn, getting excited over stash dives and parcels arriving, I know we are going to have some absolutely brilliant shawls appearing over the next few weeks. Although the private forums will host most of the chat, keep an eye out in the Friends of the Crochet Project facebook group and the instagram hashtag #aestivalmcal for shawls shared there and cheer us along from the sidelines if you aren't able to join in this time.

in other news..

Other than making sure all the MCAL is all ready to go I've enjoyed making some really simple refresher videos for the Hub. These are the videos I wish I had when I was learning, when I just wanted to check what a stitch was quickly without hours of preamble and pointless information. I'm delighted to create these in left and right handed versions and all with closed caption subtitles available.

video preview

I also shared a video on instagram that sparked some discussion about how to hold you hook - I think that crochet should be as inclusive as possible in every way so I absolutely don't believe in a right way or a wrong way and I will fight* anyone who says otherwise!

*verbally and respectfully, I'm rarely inclined to disagreement!

And my Tunisian hooks came out again as I am beginning work on the next project I will release - its going to be a Tunisian sampler cowl that I will run as a mini course. I'm planning on making this something that is free to Hub members but non members will be able to buy it. Keep your eyes peeled for details before too long...

Anyway, must dash

I'm very aware that next week is my last working week before the school summer holidays. I'm not 100% sure what that will mean for me this year, the children are getting older and I imagine I will be required more for taxi duties than playmate and I fully expect them to lay in bed all morning. So I think I should be able to work through and be reasonably productive. But my kids do like to surprise me, so if I go a little quiet, that will be why!

Love as always